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Tightrope​/​Brutal Youth [Split 10"]

by Tightrope/Brutal Youth

  • Limited Edition 10" Vinyl
    Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

    Available in black and lavender.

    In this split album both bands steal the spotlight. A fusion of two power-packed EP's showcasing each band's love of hardcore and pop-punk, all on a 10” record! Gritty guitars, gravel in the throat, and honest lyrical portraits of the aching and energizing times of our life. This is one split I always flip over again and again.

    Brutal Youth is an hardcore/pop-punk band that brings out those forgotten personal anthems. They prove you can find a friend in a song by singing out those moments that felt like defeat. After forming in 2010, they released a full-length record and transplanted to Ontario from the rugged shores of Newfoundland. And we couldn't be happier.

    is a hardcore/punk outfit straight outta Montreal, Quebec that will help surface the memory of that first song, that first show. Since 2010, they've self-released a demo, a 7” record and toured the Ontario, Quebec and North Eastern US circuit. And have been searching for the best vegan pizza recipe around.

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So many things we forget say to the ones we love Until it’s too late and our words are lost I won’t allow myself to be the victim of a callous institution that pumps cold blood Please know at this moment how much I love you I get sick when I think of a world without you We can mean anything to someone, but you mean everything to me Can’t stand the thought Of a world without you I know this sounds awful but it’s true If one of us has to go first I hope I die before you do
Righteous indignation amounts to thinly veiled contempt Your heart’s not as big as you think Fabricated virtue comes from misdirected shame Your heart’s not as big as you think Keep telling yourself it’s all true Let your arrogance confirm your views While you tear down everyone around you Never let your insecurities show Just sit atop your pedestal
You bare bloodstained teeth Crimson from the countless times you've bitten your tongue Fragile Frail Weak The words you spit tear down defenses, go off like a bomb You tear me apart Now with my confidence off and my self respect shattered I'll try to pick up the pieces form off of the floor
Well I can't sleep Unwelcome thoughts of you out holes in all my dreams Panic sits inside my chest so I can't breathe Your name becomes the only word I speak I hate what it's done to me I'm still living with these thoughts I'm still living with you words And it's fucking eating me alive And it persists A throbbing ache built up by pain and bitterness And in the end it's all just fucking meaningless I still let it take control, I don't resist I hate that I'm doing this Consumed by vapor, ink, and lead Unending conflict with the dead No sighted exit No release Just let me rest, just give me peace
I check the paper everyday still haven't come across your name the 30 words or less that sum up your significance I still think back to sunny days perhaps my fondest memory of you is when you looked at her to say "when you get older you forget I'll do my best to keep you dear but if I slip please understand when you get older you forget but that doesn't change what you meant" The promise that I never kept was one I made and never meant you try to escape registration while I struggle with visitation I haven't seen you in four years it's due to cowardice and fear that when I show up you won't be there "when you get older you forget I'll do my best to keep you dear but if I slip please understand when you get older you forget but that doesn't change what you meant" ...but I won't forget
Vision blurred from constant reassurance you can’t see the world around you changing they pin you and go through your pockets but you’re happy so you won’t say a thing boy born without consequence and when it all falls apart you find yourself in another sunshine state and yet you act as though it all comes back to haunt you at the worst sort of time in the worst kind of way But you know I’m here for you Don’t worry Just call me You don’t have to spend The whole night sleeping in the rain
I sealed my fate for the second time today, with this fucking weight i'm baring constantly. Think I should lighten up well, just wait and see. Fuck it, you can hold on for another year with me.
I know that things will change, it never ceases to amaze, how people live in boxes all their fucking lives, let go and you'll be fine, some things we'll never see in this lifetime, focus your attention on the world waiting outside. Break through your safety net, at least through your front doorstep, content to watch from a distance, and make no fucking difference. Keep thinking things will stay this way, I don't wanna grow up but i will anyway.
Remember this, when your time runs out, and theres nothing left to talk about, voice your opinion but your preaching to the choir so don't waste your breath. Don't try that shit on me, there's no sincerity, your words are wasted, your time has passed, and i don't work construction but nothings built on good intentions, its just one too many times, shooting yourself in the foot, i'd help you all i can, but i know it'd do no good, so you packed up all your shit and headed to the train, you fucked up for the last time things will never be the same. You should lift a finger before you point it in my face, telling me it makes no difference , questioning every step i take, criticize every move that i make, remember this when your time runs out, theres nothing left to talk about.
These last three days have come and gone so goddamn fast. There's nowhere else I'd rather be. Packed in a backstreet with my best friends in these bands, don't think I've ever been this happy. Fuck the bills, Fuck my job. I'm not stressing out today. We'll let it go, just for now, but I can't wait until next May. Mike's fucking faceplant during Lifetime was the best I wouldn't change a single thing about this fest. Beer for breakfast with The Hunters down the street. And I've got bruises from my head down to my feet. Fuck the bills, Fuck my job. I'm not stressing out today. We'll let it go, just for now, but I can't wait until next May. A thousand friends all in one place, can't wipe this smile off my face. When did we all forget to always make the best of it. Same time next year my friends, so we can do it all again. Same time next year my friends, so we can do it all again.
it's another lesson, another fork in the road, some people never listen, until they get what they're owed, at what point did we notice, we were going separate ways, and why was it so hard to say it to your fucking face. Needless to say, all good things come to an end one day. No matter where we go, I'll keep this with me, I'm exactly where I think i'm supposed to be. Sure, have another beer, a few bucks, another smoke, another chance but it's no use. Those habits that you never broke, my head shakes with dissaproval, my eyes stare down at the floor, as we go through all the reasons , we can't do this anymore. So I'll lose no sleep on, wondering where we went wrong, it's not an easy thing to say, but i know i'm thinking straight.


released January 13, 2012

Brutal Youth Credits:
Recorded by Eric Duerrstein
Produced by Eric Duerrstein and The Brutal Youths
Mastered by Stu at The Hive

Tightrope Credits:
Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Mathieu Forcier at Local Orange Studios, Montreal QC
Mastered by Stu McKillop at Rain City Recorders, Vancouver BC

Artwork by Justin Gonyea


all rights reserved



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