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Purgatory, Quebec [CD]

by Farler's Fury

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    Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    Farler's Fury aren't your typical celtic punk band. Think punk rock with bagpipes combined with the lyrics you find deep in the soul of folk. They might be one of the hardest working bands that you need to know about. Since 2003, they've recorded 2 EPs, 2 full-lengths and over 300 shows across Canada, Europe and the Midwestern US.

    From start to finish, Farler's Fury's 2nd album Purgatory Quebec, had me dancing out the defeats and throwing away my regrets. The upbeat punk rock tempo glues you to, what feels like, a shared underlying story that unfolds one's experiences of following the fire that constantly rings in the heart. The lead guitar-like bagpipes and mandolin add a nostalgic, folk waltz backdrop to the punk ethos of my youth.

    All songs by Farler's Fury except bagpipe melodies in Common Ground, Egos and Icons, and The Queen and The Sea (Traditional)

    Design and layout by Farler's Fury

    Recorded and Mixed by: Luc Boivin at Studio Red Tube
    Mastered at Rodney Mills Masterhouse

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Anchor 01:50
From the time that I fall to when the sun lifts my head I'm dreaming of an anchor, one that holds me to my bed For it seems like so long that I've been awake With no though of consequences or the choices that I've made If I don't know where I've been or who I have met Or where I am sleeping then I can't regret You see these ghosts of a memory still linger within For now I lie by an angel and an empty bottle of gin Sometimes I wonder just how long I'll carry on Until that day I'll be forever home After seven long years filled with blood, sweat and tears And countless grim nights of anxiety and fights I've been sick, I've been hungry, I've been tired and torn I've felt like I've died but I've hardly been born I've heard speeches of doubt and I've seen good friends bow out I've seen a thousand strange faces with fists reaching out I'll always be true to my heart and my head And I'll dream of that anchor broken and left at my bed
A figure sits still beyond the line of sight A familiar friend, a child of the night Suspense is built, no feelings of defeat The anticipation’s one of bitter sweet This moment once planned has now come at last A reunion of sorts, a tribute to the past An order is filled, a last glance behind A crowd has formed, another waits outside A laugh is shared in the wake of remorse Faith grew weak as time took its course The moment of truth, a fork in the road A memento is saved, the rest bagged and sold A brief return to the comfort of dark A tradition upheld, a gesture from the heart Electricity surges as emotions stir A bomb goes off, the rest becomes a blur
I lead myself into things head first Aim at a target and give my best shot But when dealing with sharks I anticipate the worst I’ll never turn into something I am not I have my demons you’ll have to forgive And I’ll always stand up for the principles I believe in And in a context distorted by alcohol It’s pretty fucking easy to derive and get lost Well you’ll go your way, I’ll go mine And we’ll deal with the consequences in time But the lines are blurred between you and me Now tidal waves are rushing through me, I start to lose my grip We’re both seeing red and about to throw our fists As our dearest friends are slowly turning their backs on us I never thought those angry years would haunt me again Now that the smoke has cleared, I’ve made my peace The sands of time made me realize I’ve only ever walked a mile in my own shoes But will we ever find common ground?
Orleans 02:24
The comforts once had are now lost in a memory And tonight dinner is served with no sense of security With a roof over our heads and the floor as a bed This is neither the time, nor the place for mountains of regret If a single individual leaves here tonight With a grin that manifests a soul that's right at home I'd have to say we nailed the shit out of it I'd have to say mission accomplished, requesting permission to die Tear down the stage Obliterate class Amps in the pit and blood on my axe
Pockets 03:36
His pockets are empty but his heart is not His clothes might be torn but his mind is still sharp Guts are aching from anxiety, where can he go? A gifted soul plagued by status quo Maslow’s got him dancing the dance He’s been chasing a dream that never was his, Now he’s living a nightmare that he never asked for The whole building is collapsing And he’s still stuck on the second floor Maslow’s got him dancing the dance Manu Chao puts him to sleep at night, sometimes he might be able to forget about tomorrow He spends one third of his lifetime Where there’s no doubt about pain and sorrow When he wakes up, it’s back to square one, He’s sick of having nowhere to run Maslow’s words have set the norm, But in the back of his mind, salvation is taking form
Trimestre 03:48
Comment ai-je bien pu me retrouver ici? Je croyais pourtant avoir un bon alibi Même si la tête légère et le coeur perdu La providence s’est chargée de moi à l’aide d’une seconde partie Mais il serait odieux de dénoncer ce crime Au jeu de la roulette russe, il n’y a jamais de victime De toute façon peu importe le pourquoi du comment Je pourris dans ma cellule en attendant mon jugement Et j’attends comme un fou courant à sa perte Entre ces quatre murs, cette geôle refaite Pour l’ennemi de ma conscience, la chasse est ouverte Avec ma raison en joue et le doigt sur la gachette Et puis tu te pointes, tel un signe d’en haut Tu rôdes en murmure, en arôme furtive Pour te pousser, me laissant au milieu de ce chaos Ce trop bref instant d’un baume sur les plaies vives Sans recours face au salut qui glisse entre mes mains Il n’y a qu’à chanter la folie quand il ne reste plus rien Et l’ironie du sort qui tient à tout prix à mon internement Que ce soit à Talbot, à Pinel ou St-Vincent S’est vicieusement emparée en attisant tous mes regrets De la parcelle de trésor que nulle mutinerie n’atteindra jamais Et la folie qui monte et qui monte encore Fait valser mon esprit jusqu’aux berges de la mort Ton incandescence me rappelle trop bien Qu’il est trop tôt pour la rédemption et trop tard pour les remords
To the queen of Durham City, you've been looking much more pretty Now that you've become someone's wife It's been long since you've told me "It's like I have known you, Since the very first years of my life" Years have come and gone since you and I once met A friendship and a freedom that we both shall not forget As I pass you on the street I think of who we both become How our lives have changed and where we both went wrong The gods surely must be pissed as the rain it did persist And the crops slowly dissapeared beneath the waves A deluge like no other, hold me close my dear mother For I fear that this one will send us to our graves Remembering the triumphs and the times we worked so hard The failures and the winters in which we nearly starved Thinking of the times this land has kept us out of harm To think one day we're doing to have to sell this goddamn farm So I took a trip, left this place for a while Up the mighty St-Laurence, down to Prince Edward's Isle Where I stayed with some locals, saw my old friend Brett I sang songs with young Patrick, a night not soon to forget
A thousand times before I’ve made the hour trip Through the sheltered wooded hills, then westward to the pit A pilgrimage of sort since the year of ‘96 Never have I been known to forego of a chance like this As day turned to night we saw the skyline as it rose We took now to the streets as we hastened our approach Others waved their flag, the journey’s end was near But never could we have know that this night would live on for years Respect is earned from actions in hard times But after what you displayed never will you hold mine History repeated, I’ve seen it happen before From icons grow egos, then we’ll see what you stand for My stomach began to turn all but half way through the night As a crowd began to form I knew that something wasn’t right In one swift move the battle lines were drawn And the message was loud and clear as to which side you were on The scene looked familiar as you’ve been here before The name you remembered well but the faces are a blur You were quick to catch a breath as you stumbled through your words But there’s nothing you had to offer that we hadn’t already heard So when the evening’s end had come and you made your retreat Were you to scared of a fight or to proud for defeat As a crowd formed to wait on fair and level ground Much to our dismay you were nowhere to be found
Farewell dear Ginette, I wish you fine things No matter how poor, with you we were kings But it’s time I must part from within your halls For time has turned them into cold prison walls By virtue of strength, I still believe Through fear of defeat, I will achieve In these safe horizons my eyes have grown old In the shadow of doubt I reach to the road Under shelter with guitar, and dry gin in Mason jar I’ve wrote many songs that I’ve now long forgot As each song did slowly fade, so will each chapter made In the story of who I am not So farewell dear Ginette, with these words I leave you For the time has now come, that I bid you adieu I am bound for the westward, to the rock with a mountain Wherever I go I’ll be thinking of you
Statues line the rock face as the scenery flows by A testament to the free, rites of passage marked in time Condemned by design, the days now linger on And the truth of it all is that free will is dead and gone Free will is dead and gone Condemned by design, the days now linger on Free will is dead and gone Uninspired architecture, inescapable gifts of status quo A desperate gasp for breath in a sea of billboards row on row A soul once raised by wolves now confined to its own lie As sheep begin to rally he can’t help but wonder why Can’t help but wonder why A soul once raised by wolves now confined to its own lie Can’t help but wonder why The crosses they stand solemnly adorned with flowers and with grief A warning of the risk, but there’s no comfort in belief A fleeting thought of purpose quickly subdued by a sense of fate An invitation to deceit politely declined for a chance of escape Declined for a chance of escape A fleeting thought of purpose subdued by a sense of fate Declined for a chance of escape


released January 1, 2012


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